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Training Oct 17
Conference Oct 18-19
The Edney Innovation Center
Chattanooga, TN

About Us

A message from conference organizer Bruce Tate

Gig City Elixir is a different kind of programming conference in beautiful Chattanooga, Tennessee. We will focus on sessions that are different from what you're used to seeing, with a variety of talk lengths and formats that will open more learning channels than ever before.

One of the best speaker lineups at any 2019 programming conference will teach you the foundational techniques you'll need to succeed in today's programming industry. You'll learn to use functional programming concepts that will make you a better programmer, regardless of the languages and tools you use at work today.

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Our Speakers

Justin Schneck
Bruce Tate
Osa Gaius-Obaseki
Stu Halloway
Emily Maxie
Ricardo Echavarría
Greg Mefford

Schedule Outline

08:00Breakfast and Registration
08:45Session 1-2 Talks
01:30Session 3-4 Talks
06:00Dinner and After Party (Day One Only)
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The Program

A little more on conference programming

The software industry has about as many libraries and projects to help you get things done as it does programmers. Lots of conferences focus on those. That’s a fine approach. GigCityElixir doesn’t.

In a world making a slow transition between object oriented and functional paradigms, our conference is packed with experienced developers and industry leaders who have been active voices for both. They are there to do one thing: make you a better programmer by focusing on the foundational skills you’ll take with you no matter the tech stack.

So whether seasoned software engineer or Johnny-come-lately there’s a lot of something for everyone.

New ideas and new friends await. Look forward to seeing you all in October!

Nerves Training

October 17, 2019
Device to the Cloud with Nerves and NervesHub

The Elixir language and Erlang runtime provide a productive and uniquely robust environment that is perfect for everything from embedded devices to cloud servers. This class extends on previous Nerves training by introducing device/server communication techniques and device management with NervesHub. Attendees will use real devices (with buttons and an OLED screen!) and build a simple multi-user game with the help of the authors of Nerves.

The workshop is appropriate for beginners and expert Elixir programmers alike since it focuses more on embedded development than pure coding. Since Nerves development is rapidly improving, even veteran embedded Elixir programmers will learn new ways of making their experience better. Beginners to Elixir are encouraged to create toy projects and learn about GenServers and OTP releases beforehand.

We will be providing Raspberry Pi's and accessories to use during the class. It is unnecessary to buy hardware. We provide purchase lists for buying the hardware afterwards and recommendations on equipment that is useful for embedded development.

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Book a room at the Moxy at our conference rate

We're excited to announce the Moxy as the hotel partner for GigCityElixir. This great new boutique hotel offers an unforgettable experience, from the check in experience with a signature cocktail to one of the most unique meeting areas in the city. In the midst of the exciting Southside, the hotel is a few minutes walk from the conference venue (or a quick shuttle ride), and also right on top of the landmark Chattanooga Choo Choo Hotel. It also is a few minutes walk from the finest restaurants in the city, live music, and more.

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The Venue

The Edney Innovation Center

The Edney is the heart of the Innovation District in Chattanooga and the hub of start ups and entrepreneurial connection. The Innovation District is a quarter mile area full of local eateries, coffee shops and public spaces. The area has great transportation including Chattanooga Bikes (bike share) as well as the free downtown electric shuttle which stops at the Moxy and The Edney.

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Start Up Week

Celebrating Chattanooga start ups

Start Up Week is hosted by CO.LAB, Chattanooga's non profit start up accelerator. Start Up Week showcases the best of Chattanooga's innovative spirit at community led events with the area's best thought leaders and innovators. The week is educational, exciting, and inspiring. We are excited to be a part of it!

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Remarkable people building connected solutions. Work with software development and design experts to bring your ideas to life using IoT and machine learning.

Bridge Connector

Bridge Connector is a data-driven, workflow engine that is changing the way health care communicates. With our “no-code,” integration-platform-as-a-service (iPaaS) core product and other solutions, we connect disparate data systems in health care IT more quickly and cost-efficiently.


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Agile Practitioners Helping to Build Great Products Through Communication and Trust


Groxio is a small company of educators, language geeks and authors who want to change the way people teach and learn languages.


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Carbon Five is a strategic digital product development firm. We partner with clients to create exceptional products and grow effective teams.

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  • Jay Dalke

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  • Doyle Turner
  • Amos King
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